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Class to manage outputs of an omnibenchmark module. This class has the following attributes:

  • name (str): Name that is specific for all outputs. Typically the module name/OmniObject name.
  • out_names (List[str]): Names of the output file types
  • output_end (Optional[Mapping[str, str]], optional): Endings of the output filetypes.
  • out_template (str, optional): Template to generate output file names.
  • file_mapping (Optional[List[OutMapping]], optional): Mapping of input files, parameter values and output files.
  • inputs (Optional[OmniInput], optional): Object specifying all valid inputs.
  • parameter (Optional[OmniParameter], optional): Object speccifying the parameter space.
  • default (Optional[Mapping], optional): Default output files.
  • filter_json(Optional[str], optional): Path to json file with filter combinations.
  • template_fun (Optional[Callable[..., Mapping]], optional): Function to use to automatically generate output filenames.
  • template_vars (Optional[Mapping], optional): Variables that are used by template_fun.

The following class methods can be run on an instance of an OmniInput:

  • update_outputs(): Method to update the output definitions according to the objects attributes.