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Welcome to Omnibenchmark documentation

Omnibenchmark is a project that aims to provide community-driven, modular, extensible and continuously-updating benchmarks. This page gives documentation for all the various facets of Omnibenchmark benchmarking. You may also want to visit the Omnibenchmark project website, e.g., to see our current continuous benchmarks.

The Omnibenchmark framework is based on Renku (and in particular, Renku workflows), an open and collaborative data analysis platform. The Figure below gives a schematic for how Omnibenchmark builds on top of Renku (and Gitlab). Overall, the framework connects the various ground-truth dataset, method and metric repositories (a.k.a. modules) via a knowledge graph; all components of the system can be scrutinized and flexibly extended by members of the community.


If you are interested in contributing a new method, dataset or metric, follow the documentation from the Getting started section, where you can also learn more about how Omnibenchmark works and how to extend it with a new module. [TODO: add a sentence for each tab and link them here].