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Class to manage inputs of an omnibenchmark module. This class has the following attributes:

  • names (List[str]): Names of the input filetypes
  • prefix (Optional[Mapping[str, List[str]]], optional): Prefixes (or substrings) of the input filetypes.
  • input_files (Optional[Mapping[str, Mapping[str, str]]], optional): Input files ordered by file types.
  • keyword (Optional[List[str]], optional): Keyword to define which datasets are imported as input datasets.
  • default (Optional[str], optional): Default input name (e.g., dataset).
  • filter_names (Optional[List[str]], optional): Input dataset names to be ignored.

The following class methods can be run on an instance of an OmniInput:

  • update_inputs(): Method to import new and update existing input datasets and update the object accordingly